How To Purchase A Hedge Trimmer For Your Garden

How To Purchase A Hedge Trimmer For Your Garden

Do you know what is the most hectic part of garden maintenance after mowing? It’s trimming the hedges. If you try to do it with shears or hand pruners, you might spend infinite time only to get tired. Well, you can use a manual tool to deal with small hedges. But when it comes to cut a long-range of overgrowths, you need a motor-based trimmer.

A hedge trimmer shapes up the garden hedges without taking much time from your schedule. A high-quality trimmer can give you the desired results in a fast, easy and safe way. If you want to invest in one of the best hedge trimmers or want to replace an existing model, several factors need your consideration.

How To Purchase A Hedge Trimmer For Your Garden

Inspect Your Garden

Take a closer look at your garden. You need to consider the following things to find a suitable hedge trimmer

  • What type of hedges you will maintain?
  • What is the thickness and height of the hedges?
  • Can you access them easily? Like are they close to the fence or walls?
  • What is the size of your property?

hedge trimmer

The above-mentioned factors will determine what kind of power and features you need from a hedge cutter. If you own large hedges or a long yard, then you might consider a powerful model that can cover more area in less time. In case the hedges are close to the wall, you should try a small trimmer that can be used in compact areas as well. In other words, choose a device that suits your hedges and the surrounding area.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are available in petrol and electric versions. So, the first step is to choose the fuel type.

Corded: Mains powered hedge trimmers are great for the small area because they need direct access to a power outlet. Corded hedge cutters are generally easy to use, lightweight, affordable and hence an inexperienced person can also try them. No carbon emissions, less noise pollution, and minimal service requirements are some of the other features that make these machine famous. For instance, you can take a closer look at the Bosch AHS 70-34 that works with a 700W motor and 700mm blade.

Cordless: Battery-operated hedge trimmers offer the same convenient and pollution-free garden maintenance. However, there is an added benefit that you don’t have to deal with any power cable. So, if you need a hedge cutting tool for a home garden or yard, then a cordless version might be the best.

The primary reason is its lithium-ion battery, which provides uninterrupted power and excellent cutting performance that you can compare with petrol versions. Something like Makita DUH523Z is a great tool working with an 18V battery and 520mm blade length.

Petrol propelled: With a powerful engine and excellent cutting results, a petrol-based trimmer is great for large gardens. It’s also beneficial for professionals because such a machine accepts all the challenges and provides you with the best cutting results. However, petrol hedge cutters are heavy, produce a significant amount of carbon emission, operates at high noise levels and seek regular maintenance when compared to the other two versions. You can try the Mcculloch HT 5622 that has a 56 cc engine and 560 mm blade.

Blade length

Hedge trimmers are available with a variety of blade lengths. Choose a long blade and you can evenly cover the hedges, but it might be difficult to use in compact areas. It means you should choose the blade length according to the hedges. A trimmer with 450 mm edges is suitable for most of the home gardens or yards.

If the hedges are large, then try a blade worth 500 mm or more. In case you have enough room to use a trimmer, then you can choose a significant blade. However, we recommend investing a trimmer with a short blade if you are a beginner.


Choose a hedge trimmer if you want easy maintenance of your garden hedges. It’s crucial to choose a model that has the right amount of power according to your usage. So, invest some time, compare the options, match the blade length and fuel type to get one of the best hedge trimmers that can suit your requirements.

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