How Does a Manual Push Mower Work?

Manual Mower is simple and ancient, so it is quite normal for you to wonder whether hand push mower even works at all. Well, they actually do.

Unlike many of the standard motorized lawnmowers that we have today, Manual Mower is quiet and free of harmful emissions. These features make them considerably safer and healthier for people to use.

However, before you completely decide to purchase a reel mower, why don’t you read this post to the end and find out if it is really worth your buy?

How Manual Mower Work

Some Manual Mower is made to have two wheels while others have four wheels. They feature a cutting reel that has around 3 to 7 blades plus a bed knife.

Manual Mower Work

When you push this machine onward, the blades of the mower begin to rotate in a vertical manner, thereby raising grass leaves between themselves and the bed knife. Then, they complete the cut using a scissor-like clipping action.

This cutting style is good because it doesn’t cause injury to the grass. Rather, it is healthy for your lawn. The cutting motion helps the grass to maintain its natural moisture and to also resist diseases and infections. This is unlike rotary mowers which actuary tear the grass leaves thus damaging them

The Benefits of Manual Mower

Hand push mower are generally more economical, first because they’re cheap to buy and second because they are cheap to maintain. With their price ranging between £70 and £250 at most, they cost considerably less when compared with gas-powered and electric-powered lawn mower variants.

More interesting is the fact that no operational cost is involved with Manual Mower because there’s no need for gas, electricity or fuel. Now if you are interested to have a manual push lawn mower; you can read reviews before you shop.

What’s more, a reel mower is virtually maintenance-free except for the periodic blade sharpening that has to be done. To crown it all, they work silently. No noise and no release of toxic fumes which could cause serious damage to both the atmosphere and people in the surrounding.

These, coupled with the fact that they cut grass in a healthy way makes them an impressive machine which anyone will benefit from investing in

The Drawback of Hand Push Mower

The major weakness of the reel mower model is that you need to push them around your lawn to get them working. Though, they are more lightweight than motorized mowers, pushing them around can still be a chore.

This is why you would benefit more from using them on small and medium-sized lawns. It will take more effort and time to lawn larger lawns with this machine.

Can you Use A Reel Mower to Cut Tall Grass?

Cutting tall grass is not part of the product description of a reel mower. This is the one weakness that is really daunting. Only buy a reel mower when you’re sure you’ll mow regularly. Ensure the grass does not exceed 4”. If you must cut overgrown grass with this machine, just know it’ll take tactic, time and effort.

Reel Mower to Cut Tall Grass

When trimming tall grass, you need to expand the proportion of your overlap. Make a path across your lawn with your mower. When you get to the end, turn around and start mowing next to the line you just trimmed though this time around you’ll be walking in the opposite direction.

Also, this next row has to overlap the first one by a few inches. The reason for this is to cut the blades of grass that escaped the first mowing.

Apart from mowing in this left and right pattern, you can also use the checkerboard pattern. What this means is that you will first mow your lawn the way you normally mow it. Then, you will go over it again but this time in a vertical pattern.

By using any of these techniques, you will be able to mow every grass section on your lawn twice and since you’ll be going over it in different directions, the cutting will be more efficient.

What is a Rotary Mower?

A rotatory mower is a mower whose blades spin horizontally. Machines like gas-powered mowers and electric mowers use this kind of rotatory motion to cut.

The blade of a reel mower rotates in a north to south motion which helps to clip grass blades immediately they are positioned between the rotating blades and bed knife. On the other hand, rotatory mowers have only one rotatory blade which spins quickly in an east to west motion.

Because rotatory mowers either derive their power from electricity or gasoline, they tend to be stronger than hand push mower which are powered by human strength. This is what makes them able to handle different height and thickness of grass conveniently.

However, because these mowers rotate in a horizontal manner, they tend to tear grass blades rather than slice through them neatly as hand push mower do. This tearing style is bad for your lawn as it exposes the grass to diseases and causes them to lose their natural moisture.

Is it Difficult to Push A Reel Mower?

It is easy to presume that a reel mower will be difficult to drive, especially if the experiences you have are with motorized mowers. However, push mowers are not as hard to push as people think they are.

Though manual mower of your great grand Father’s Day may have been bulky and heavy, the ones being made today are not so at all. As a matter of fact, they are even less weighty than the rotary mowers.

The weight of many reel models available today is between 20 to 40 lbs. Apart from this, they have ball bearing wheels that slide easily across a lawn. Their blades are also made with steel which does all the cutting while the operator simply drives it along with the lawn.


Once the grass is not too tall, your reel mower should work just fine. However, if you observe that your mower is somewhat slow and hard to push then you might want to examine the blades.

The manual mower comes with sharp blades that allow the cutting to be swift and easy. However, once these blades dull, usually after about a year of vigorous use, they don’t cut quite so easily, and this makes the machine harder to maneuver.

For this reason, you need to fix the blades immediately. Simply get a sharpening kit and sharpen the blades. Once this is done, your mower will be ready to go!

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