Best Way To Clean and Organize Your Garage

Imagine a garage where you can rest your car and easily fit in all the other rides, tools, equipment, and weekend accessories. You only have to spend one weekend, and it can be clean or organized like you always wanted.

To help you in the same, we have assembled a 5 step plan to get your garage cleaned and organized effortlessly without spending much time and energy.

Easily Clean And Organize Your Garage

Step 1: Empty The Garage; Take Everything Out

The first step to clean your garage is to remove everything from inside. Once you have all the items on your site, you will be able to know what storage accessories you need or what are the components you need to organize all the elements accurately.

Step 2: Decide The Criteria

As you have everything out of the garage, you should sort them one by one and separate those you want to keep inside again. This process will prevent the cluttering of unnecessary components inside the garage.

While choosing the items you want to keep, ask yourself two questions – Is it needed here in the garage? And Do I know what to do with his?

If the answer to the first question is a no, then keep the items at a place where it’s required. If the answer to the second question is yes, then find a way to get rid of the subject or object.

Things To Keep During The Deciding Criteria

  • Tools or equipment that you have used more than twice in the last year
  • Devices that are in working conditions. Get rid of those items that you are waiting to fix or get it fixed
  • Unusual tools that are not readily available or those you can rent easily

Step 3: Wall Cleaning

While the garage is empty, it is an excellent idea to scrub it down from top to bottom. Start with the wall

cleaning garage floor

  • Use a vacuum cleaner and remove cobwebs and debris.
  • Fill half bucket water and mix detergent into it. Dip a sponge in the water and systematically scrub clean the walls with forceful strokes.
  • Go from the bottom from to top. Use a table to reach the ceilings.
  • For the stains and marks that cannot be tackled by regular detergent, use ammonia. Mix a couple of cups into one gallon of water, dip the sponge and scrub it on the stains one by one.

Step 4: Floor Cleaning

Garage floors are prone to oil and grease leaks, but those can be removed with some essential cleaners or even cat litters.

  • Spread some sawdust, cornmeal or cat litter on the oil stains. It will absorb the extra liquid so that you can use a vacuum cleaner to sweep everything aside. Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners are the best for garage cleaning. You can check this guide on what makes a best wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a cleaning agent on the oil marks. We recommend you to use Trisodium Phosphate or Drylok Etch.
  • If your garage floor has any cracks or holes created due to falling of empty objects or car tools, you can use the epoxy paste to fill them. Once loaded, wait for it to dry and then sand the area.
  • A sealant will protect the garage floor and keep it durable. Apply it to seal the cracks, especially if you need to paint the garage walls.

Step 5: Organize The Garage

Now, you have a clean garage where you can start placing the required items. You have already sorted the tools and things that need to be stored in the garage.

Make sure that you place similar items at the same place so that you can find them in a better and easy way in the future. Start with the paint cans and start placing them one by one in designated cabinets.

  • Next comes the bulky objects; place them in the corner
  • Store all the car tools and devices in the toolbox
  • Fishing sticks can be placed on the ceilings using a wired basket
  • You can store the bicycles vertically using hooks
  • You can also install a pegboard for better reach of all your tools, especially hammers
  • Use wall hooks to store
  • Shelving units can be used on the wall to maximize the storage

Do not feel overloaded to see the mentioned steps or processes. With this organized cleaning plan, you will be able to get a dream parking space for your gas beast.

Take one action at a time, get the required rest, and you will be able to get an organized garage coming weekend.