Digital And Smart Shower System

Digital showers are among the latest innovations that make your bathing experience luxurious and convenient. But, there are too many options available in the market. While browsing these bathroom products, you might think; which is the best digital shower?

Well, with today’s easy to understand buying guide, we will discuss the benefits and features that you should consider while looking for a smart shower.

Digital And Smart Shower System

What Is A Digital Shower?

A combination of mixer shower and digital interface that you can operate using onboard buttons is sold as a digital shower. You can customize the bath according to your preferences and it will show the related information like temperature and water flow in a stylish and elegant format.

You can either purchase the best digital shower control like Mira Platinum or only a digital controller. The latter is only suitable if you already have a standard bathroom fixture. Try to browse ant of the options and you will understand that digital showers are relatively expensive, but brings unmatched opulence to your washroom.

What Is A Smart Shower System?

Smart showers are one step ahead of a digital shower because the former gives you complete control of the features using your smartphone and home assistants. So, you can control the temperature, water flow, outlet and duration or any other additional features using your smartphone, Alexa or Google Home.  In other words, you can preset these functions before you even step inside the washroom.

Benefits of A Digital And Smart Shower System

Are you thinking of investing in a digital shower? Well, you are not the only one in this world. Any of the homeowners would love the ease of use and joy a digital shower can offer. Whether you own a traditional or modern bathroom, it can be changed to an attraction of your house by including such a fixture inside it. You can preset these functions before you even step inside the washroom.

  • Remote-controlled features: You can use a digital shower via remote, Bluetooth or wireless.
  • LCD screen: Display easy to read setting results
  • Eco-friendly: Most of these fixtures are built to consume less water, but still they maintain great pressure.
  • Memory: You can save some of your favourite settings.
  • Easy to use: You don’t have to do any guesswork with the valve.
  • Safe: Almost all of these units are safe from thermal shocks and hence suitable for all your family members, including kids.

Questions to Ask Before You Consider A Digital Shower

  • Who will use the shower? You and your partner? Or the entire family? Choose the complexity level of a digital shower depending upon the same.
  • What is the styling of your bathroom? Conventional or modern?
  • What is the suitable price range for you?
  • What comfort level do you need? Do you want to control the temperature and flow remotely? Or are you looking for an advanced smart shower that can complete your modern house?

Which Digital or Smart Shower Is Right For My House?

Mira Platinum Dual Digital Shower

The digital shower set comes with a ceiling-mounted shower head, handheld, valve with wireless control, hose and riser rail. It’s one of the safest because you can set a maximum temperature that the system cannot surpass even accidentally. Installation is easy and the unit comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Apart from that, the digital shower system has several features can make your showering time convenient. One of them is a warm-up mode that lets you know whenever the shower is ready. Eco and bath fill mode are some of its water-conserving mechanisms.

Key features

  • Up to two outlets
  • Digital interface
  • Included remote control
  • Wireless interface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • One-touch controls

Aqualisa Q digital shower

The digital shower gives you four water flow modes to enjoy every workout. There are some preset water modes including eco and sport to suit your showering preferences. It has a proximity sensor that reduces the water flow in case you move away. Such a sensor conserves water and helps you to reduce utility bills. The controls are easy to use and there is an easy to read HD display, which is colourful and appears trendy.

Key features

  • Up to two outlets
  • Digital interface
  • Q lever with user-defined presets
  • HD display
  • Water-conserving
  • One-touch control

Now you know almost everything about digital and smart showers. It’s time to choose something that can give you a luxurious and convenient showering experience.

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