Treadmill Beginner’s Guide

Working out on a treadmill is a convenient way to start your fitness journey at home or the gym.
Using a treadmill with video screen is easy since you just step on, run, or walk for as long as you want. You can decide how tougher you want to by increasing the incline. Nonetheless, do not take this activity lightly since it can result in adverse injuries if the user is not careful.

If you are a starter, unsure of how to control speed functions and the incline, or preparing for treadmill workouts, follow the tips and steps provided for safe and productive activity.
The objective is to help a beginner approach treadmill workouts with a steady slow attitude. As you do new workouts and intensity levels, the body will require time to get accustomed to the new norm. Avoid placing excessive pressure on your system.

Running and underlying medical conditions

Running and underlying medical conditions

People with medical issues like spinal and joint problems and elderly individuals need to be more cautious and consult a doctor for advice. If you have chronic health problems, always take your medicine on time. That is because unexpected movement could interfere with blood pressure.

Always make a slow transition between your movements. Begin slow, take warm-up exercises, and continue building speed and endurance. Let the doctor help you decide what kind of activity to embark on.

Comfortable shoes

Not any shoes are suitable for use on a treadmill. It would be best if you buy comfortable shoes fit for running. Look out for light, good heel shoes that can support your arch and absorb shock. Wear thick and long crew socks to safeguard you from friction that results in blisters.

Hydrate Yourself

Hydrate Yourself

Regardless of how long you will be exercising, your body will likely lose plenty of water from sweating. It would be best to take 500ml -700ml of water one and half hours before the workout.
Remember to visit the wash area before starting your walk or run. Stopping your exercise mid-way will interrupt the rhythm you have built as well as suppress the aerobic activity.

Do a 5-minutes warm-up to secure joints and muscles and possible injury. Keep up with your body’s movement by swinging your arms as you walk. If you feel uneasy using the treadmill for the first time, hold the side or front treadmill bars to maintain balance. That should not continue for long because it will keep you in an inappropriate posture, reducing the rate at which calories burn.

You cannot be careless when using a treadmill, even if you have been using it. Use the safety key by attaching it to yourself to avoid an injury or falling. Better be safe than regret. Watch out for the main adjustment slots on the treadmill. These settings will help you set incline and speed as needed.

How long to walk or run

As a starter, you need to take extra caution, especially because you have not been into serious running. You may experience hurt leg muscles the first time you work out on a treadmill. However, the reason for this is too much workout too soon. Take time to build on speed without having to hurt yourself. With time the body adjusts and can take in more rigorous exercises.

Strive to walk 20 – 30 minutes to keep up with that pace before adding the speed. Frequent walks are more preferable to running. The reason being it has low impact and is easy to carry out at any time.

Take 5 minutes warm and do the following:

  • Keep 2.4 – 3.2 km/h pace in the first minute.
  • Move at a speed of 2.9km/h in the second minute. Walk on toes and heels for 30seconds, respectively.
  • Incline to 6 and walk at 2.4 -2.9 km/h for a minute.
  • Increase stride length for a minute, but if it becomes hard lower the speed. Reset the incline back to zero after the second minute at 6
  • Accelerate your speed to 2.5 in the final minute.

Maintain a speed of 4.8 – 6.4km/h for 20 minutes. It is okay to retain the same incline in your first week of equipment use. Cool down for five minutes as you gradually reduce the pace every minute.
After your first week, try out different inclines and higher speeds. You need to use an incline above level 4 for 1-2 minutes and then take it back to low speed. Try increasing speed by 0.80km/h for one to two minutes.

This is what happens in the thirty minutes of workout. The body burns calories obtained from the latest meal in the first fifteen minutes. In the next 15 minutes, your body burns fat and helps you build endurance, and produces more energy. Once you get used to this conditioning, you can now increase the workout period to 45 minutes.

Interval Training

Interval training helps you increase speed and fat burning. A 1-2 interval is supposed to increase the heart rate to make you breathe heavily as you continue in a broken conversation.

  • Warm-up and calming down for five minutes is vital when jogging or running. Five minutes of warm-up and cool-down is crucial when running or jogging.
  • Quickly Jog or walk for a minute. At this interval, aim at increasing the speed to 1.6 to 3.2km/h. You can increase it more if you’re in better shape
  • For 4 minutes, set the speed to 4.8 to 6.4km/h.
  • Practice four high intervals, one minute of intensive walk or jog, and four minutes of medium intensity.
  • Look to increase the high-intensity intervals to 15-30 seconds every week.
  • Once you get comfortable with interval exercises, give a try to pre-programmed interval exercises. To increase the intensity with inclines, do hill workouts.

An explosion of home-based fitness products has been observed, such as The fasthealthcares. There is no wrong with upgrading your workout experience with a good home treadmill if you have an extra spacious room.

The upsides of using a treadmill workout are that you can easily control speed, step away when you need to, and still carry on your routine fitness journey even with unfavorable weather.

Digital And Smart Shower System

Digital showers are among the latest innovations that make your bathing experience luxurious and convenient. But, there are too many options available in the market. While browsing these bathroom products, you might think; which is the best digital shower?

Well, with today’s easy to understand buying guide, we will discuss the benefits and features that you should consider while looking for a smart shower.

Digital And Smart Shower System

What Is A Digital Shower?

A combination of mixer shower and digital interface that you can operate using onboard buttons is sold as a digital shower. You can customize the bath according to your preferences and it will show the related information like temperature and water flow in a stylish and elegant format.

You can either purchase the best digital shower control like Mira Platinum or only a digital controller. The latter is only suitable if you already have a standard bathroom fixture. Try to browse ant of the options and you will understand that digital showers are relatively expensive, but brings unmatched opulence to your washroom.

What Is A Smart Shower System?

Smart showers are one step ahead of a digital shower because the former gives you complete control of the features using your smartphone and home assistants. So, you can control the temperature, water flow, outlet and duration or any other additional features using your smartphone, Alexa or Google Home.  In other words, you can preset these functions before you even step inside the washroom.

Benefits of A Digital And Smart Shower System

Are you thinking of investing in a digital shower? Well, you are not the only one in this world. Any of the homeowners would love the ease of use and joy a digital shower can offer. Whether you own a traditional or modern bathroom, it can be changed to an attraction of your house by including such a fixture inside it. You can preset these functions before you even step inside the washroom.

  • Remote-controlled features: You can use a digital shower via remote, Bluetooth or wireless.
  • LCD screen: Display easy to read setting results
  • Eco-friendly: Most of these fixtures are built to consume less water, but still they maintain great pressure.
  • Memory: You can save some of your favourite settings.
  • Easy to use: You don’t have to do any guesswork with the valve.
  • Safe: Almost all of these units are safe from thermal shocks and hence suitable for all your family members, including kids.

Questions to Ask Before You Consider A Digital Shower

  • Who will use the shower? You and your partner? Or the entire family? Choose the complexity level of a digital shower depending upon the same.
  • What is the styling of your bathroom? Conventional or modern?
  • What is the suitable price range for you?
  • What comfort level do you need? Do you want to control the temperature and flow remotely? Or are you looking for an advanced smart shower that can complete your modern house?

Which Digital or Smart Shower Is Right For My House?

Mira Platinum Dual Digital Shower

The digital shower set comes with a ceiling-mounted shower head, handheld, valve with wireless control, hose and riser rail. It’s one of the safest because you can set a maximum temperature that the system cannot surpass even accidentally. Installation is easy and the unit comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Apart from that, the digital shower system has several features can make your showering time convenient. One of them is a warm-up mode that lets you know whenever the shower is ready. Eco and bath fill mode are some of its water-conserving mechanisms.

Key features

  • Up to two outlets
  • Digital interface
  • Included remote control
  • Wireless interface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • One-touch controls

Aqualisa Q digital shower

The digital shower gives you four water flow modes to enjoy every workout. There are some preset water modes including eco and sport to suit your showering preferences. It has a proximity sensor that reduces the water flow in case you move away. Such a sensor conserves water and helps you to reduce utility bills. The controls are easy to use and there is an easy to read HD display, which is colourful and appears trendy.

Key features

  • Up to two outlets
  • Digital interface
  • Q lever with user-defined presets
  • HD display
  • Water-conserving
  • One-touch control

Now you know almost everything about digital and smart showers. It’s time to choose something that can give you a luxurious and convenient showering experience.

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How To Purchase A Hedge Trimmer For Your Garden

Do you know what is the most hectic part of garden maintenance after mowing? It’s trimming the hedges. If you try to do it with shears or hand pruners, you might spend infinite time only to get tired. Well, you can use a manual tool to deal with small hedges. But when it comes to cut a long-range of overgrowths, you need a motor-based trimmer.

A hedge trimmer shapes up the garden hedges without taking much time from your schedule. A high-quality trimmer can give you the desired results in a fast, easy and safe way. If you want to invest in one of the best hedge trimmers or want to replace an existing model, several factors need your consideration.

How To Purchase A Hedge Trimmer For Your Garden

Inspect Your Garden

Take a closer look at your garden. You need to consider the following things to find a suitable hedge trimmer

  • What type of hedges you will maintain?
  • What is the thickness and height of the hedges?
  • Can you access them easily? Like are they close to the fence or walls?
  • What is the size of your property?

hedge trimmer

The above-mentioned factors will determine what kind of power and features you need from a hedge cutter. If you own large hedges or a long yard, then you might consider a powerful model that can cover more area in less time. In case the hedges are close to the wall, you should try a small trimmer that can be used in compact areas as well. In other words, choose a device that suits your hedges and the surrounding area.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are available in petrol and electric versions. So, the first step is to choose the fuel type.

Corded: Mains powered hedge trimmers are great for the small area because they need direct access to a power outlet. Corded hedge cutters are generally easy to use, lightweight, affordable and hence an inexperienced person can also try them. No carbon emissions, less noise pollution, and minimal service requirements are some of the other features that make these machine famous. For instance, you can take a closer look at the Bosch AHS 70-34 that works with a 700W motor and 700mm blade.

Cordless: Battery-operated hedge trimmers offer the same convenient and pollution-free garden maintenance. However, there is an added benefit that you don’t have to deal with any power cable. So, if you need a hedge cutting tool for a home garden or yard, then a cordless version might be the best.

The primary reason is its lithium-ion battery, which provides uninterrupted power and excellent cutting performance that you can compare with petrol versions. Something like Makita DUH523Z is a great tool working with an 18V battery and 520mm blade length.

Petrol propelled: With a powerful engine and excellent cutting results, a petrol-based trimmer is great for large gardens. It’s also beneficial for professionals because such a machine accepts all the challenges and provides you with the best cutting results. However, petrol hedge cutters are heavy, produce a significant amount of carbon emission, operates at high noise levels and seek regular maintenance when compared to the other two versions. You can try the Mcculloch HT 5622 that has a 56 cc engine and 560 mm blade.

Blade length

Hedge trimmers are available with a variety of blade lengths. Choose a long blade and you can evenly cover the hedges, but it might be difficult to use in compact areas. It means you should choose the blade length according to the hedges. A trimmer with 450 mm edges is suitable for most of the home gardens or yards.

If the hedges are large, then try a blade worth 500 mm or more. In case you have enough room to use a trimmer, then you can choose a significant blade. However, we recommend investing a trimmer with a short blade if you are a beginner.


Choose a hedge trimmer if you want easy maintenance of your garden hedges. It’s crucial to choose a model that has the right amount of power according to your usage. So, invest some time, compare the options, match the blade length and fuel type to get one of the best hedge trimmers that can suit your requirements.

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How Does a Manual Push Mower Work?

Manual Mower is simple and ancient, so it is quite normal for you to wonder whether hand push mower even works at all. Well, they actually do.

Unlike many of the standard motorized lawnmowers that we have today, Manual Mower is quiet and free of harmful emissions. These features make them considerably safer and healthier for people to use.

However, before you completely decide to purchase a reel mower, why don’t you read this post to the end and find out if it is really worth your buy?

How Manual Mower Work

Some Manual Mower is made to have two wheels while others have four wheels. They feature a cutting reel that has around 3 to 7 blades plus a bed knife.

Manual Mower Work

When you push this machine onward, the blades of the mower begin to rotate in a vertical manner, thereby raising grass leaves between themselves and the bed knife. Then, they complete the cut using a scissor-like clipping action.

This cutting style is good because it doesn’t cause injury to the grass. Rather, it is healthy for your lawn. The cutting motion helps the grass to maintain its natural moisture and to also resist diseases and infections. This is unlike rotary mowers which actuary tear the grass leaves thus damaging them

The Benefits of Manual Mower

Hand push mower are generally more economical, first because they’re cheap to buy and second because they are cheap to maintain. With their price ranging between £70 and £250 at most, they cost considerably less when compared with gas-powered and electric-powered lawn mower variants.

More interesting is the fact that no operational cost is involved with Manual Mower because there’s no need for gas, electricity or fuel. Now if you are interested to have a manual push lawn mower; you can read reviews before you shop.

What’s more, a reel mower is virtually maintenance-free except for the periodic blade sharpening that has to be done. To crown it all, they work silently. No noise and no release of toxic fumes which could cause serious damage to both the atmosphere and people in the surrounding.

These, coupled with the fact that they cut grass in a healthy way makes them an impressive machine which anyone will benefit from investing in

The Drawback of Hand Push Mower

The major weakness of the reel mower model is that you need to push them around your lawn to get them working. Though, they are more lightweight than motorized mowers, pushing them around can still be a chore.

This is why you would benefit more from using them on small and medium-sized lawns. It will take more effort and time to lawn larger lawns with this machine.

Can you Use A Reel Mower to Cut Tall Grass?

Cutting tall grass is not part of the product description of a reel mower. This is the one weakness that is really daunting. Only buy a reel mower when you’re sure you’ll mow regularly. Ensure the grass does not exceed 4”. If you must cut overgrown grass with this machine, just know it’ll take tactic, time and effort.

Reel Mower to Cut Tall Grass

When trimming tall grass, you need to expand the proportion of your overlap. Make a path across your lawn with your mower. When you get to the end, turn around and start mowing next to the line you just trimmed though this time around you’ll be walking in the opposite direction.

Also, this next row has to overlap the first one by a few inches. The reason for this is to cut the blades of grass that escaped the first mowing.

Apart from mowing in this left and right pattern, you can also use the checkerboard pattern. What this means is that you will first mow your lawn the way you normally mow it. Then, you will go over it again but this time in a vertical pattern.

By using any of these techniques, you will be able to mow every grass section on your lawn twice and since you’ll be going over it in different directions, the cutting will be more efficient.

What is a Rotary Mower?

A rotatory mower is a mower whose blades spin horizontally. Machines like gas-powered mowers and electric mowers use this kind of rotatory motion to cut.

The blade of a reel mower rotates in a north to south motion which helps to clip grass blades immediately they are positioned between the rotating blades and bed knife. On the other hand, rotatory mowers have only one rotatory blade which spins quickly in an east to west motion.

Because rotatory mowers either derive their power from electricity or gasoline, they tend to be stronger than hand push mower which are powered by human strength. This is what makes them able to handle different height and thickness of grass conveniently.

However, because these mowers rotate in a horizontal manner, they tend to tear grass blades rather than slice through them neatly as hand push mower do. This tearing style is bad for your lawn as it exposes the grass to diseases and causes them to lose their natural moisture.

Is it Difficult to Push A Reel Mower?

It is easy to presume that a reel mower will be difficult to drive, especially if the experiences you have are with motorized mowers. However, push mowers are not as hard to push as people think they are.

Though manual mower of your great grand Father’s Day may have been bulky and heavy, the ones being made today are not so at all. As a matter of fact, they are even less weighty than the rotary mowers.

The weight of many reel models available today is between 20 to 40 lbs. Apart from this, they have ball bearing wheels that slide easily across a lawn. Their blades are also made with steel which does all the cutting while the operator simply drives it along with the lawn.


Once the grass is not too tall, your reel mower should work just fine. However, if you observe that your mower is somewhat slow and hard to push then you might want to examine the blades.

The manual mower comes with sharp blades that allow the cutting to be swift and easy. However, once these blades dull, usually after about a year of vigorous use, they don’t cut quite so easily, and this makes the machine harder to maneuver.

For this reason, you need to fix the blades immediately. Simply get a sharpening kit and sharpen the blades. Once this is done, your mower will be ready to go!

Best Way To Clean and Organize Your Garage

Imagine a garage where you can rest your car and easily fit in all the other rides, tools, equipment, and weekend accessories. You only have to spend one weekend, and it can be clean or organized like you always wanted.

To help you in the same, we have assembled a 5 step plan to get your garage cleaned and organized effortlessly without spending much time and energy.

Easily Clean And Organize Your Garage

Step 1: Empty The Garage; Take Everything Out

The first step to clean your garage is to remove everything from inside. Once you have all the items on your site, you will be able to know what storage accessories you need or what are the components you need to organize all the elements accurately.

Step 2: Decide The Criteria

As you have everything out of the garage, you should sort them one by one and separate those you want to keep inside again. This process will prevent the cluttering of unnecessary components inside the garage.

While choosing the items you want to keep, ask yourself two questions – Is it needed here in the garage? And Do I know what to do with his?

If the answer to the first question is a no, then keep the items at a place where it’s required. If the answer to the second question is yes, then find a way to get rid of the subject or object.

Things To Keep During The Deciding Criteria

  • Tools or equipment that you have used more than twice in the last year
  • Devices that are in working conditions. Get rid of those items that you are waiting to fix or get it fixed
  • Unusual tools that are not readily available or those you can rent easily

Step 3: Wall Cleaning

While the garage is empty, it is an excellent idea to scrub it down from top to bottom. Start with the wall

cleaning garage floor

  • Use a vacuum cleaner and remove cobwebs and debris.
  • Fill half bucket water and mix detergent into it. Dip a sponge in the water and systematically scrub clean the walls with forceful strokes.
  • Go from the bottom from to top. Use a table to reach the ceilings.
  • For the stains and marks that cannot be tackled by regular detergent, use ammonia. Mix a couple of cups into one gallon of water, dip the sponge and scrub it on the stains one by one.

Step 4: Floor Cleaning

Garage floors are prone to oil and grease leaks, but those can be removed with some essential cleaners or even cat litters.

  • Spread some sawdust, cornmeal or cat litter on the oil stains. It will absorb the extra liquid so that you can use a vacuum cleaner to sweep everything aside. Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners are the best for garage cleaning. You can check this guide on what makes a best wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Use a cleaning agent on the oil marks. We recommend you to use Trisodium Phosphate or Drylok Etch.
  • If your garage floor has any cracks or holes created due to falling of empty objects or car tools, you can use the epoxy paste to fill them. Once loaded, wait for it to dry and then sand the area.
  • A sealant will protect the garage floor and keep it durable. Apply it to seal the cracks, especially if you need to paint the garage walls.

Step 5: Organize The Garage

Now, you have a clean garage where you can start placing the required items. You have already sorted the tools and things that need to be stored in the garage.

Make sure that you place similar items at the same place so that you can find them in a better and easy way in the future. Start with the paint cans and start placing them one by one in designated cabinets.

  • Next comes the bulky objects; place them in the corner
  • Store all the car tools and devices in the toolbox
  • Fishing sticks can be placed on the ceilings using a wired basket
  • You can store the bicycles vertically using hooks
  • You can also install a pegboard for better reach of all your tools, especially hammers
  • Use wall hooks to store
  • Shelving units can be used on the wall to maximize the storage

Do not feel overloaded to see the mentioned steps or processes. With this organized cleaning plan, you will be able to get a dream parking space for your gas beast.

Take one action at a time, get the required rest, and you will be able to get an organized garage coming weekend.

The Perfect Lawn Gear You Need for Fall Cleanup

The autumn season is one that comes with many perennial chores for gardeners. There’s usually a lot of clearing out of annual plants to do. Aside from this, it is vital to remove all fallen leaves and dead branches at this time. Plus, you do need to do a little grass trim just before bedtime.

The amount of work you put into your garden now will tell on your lawn later on in spring. This is why you should make the best use of your lawnmower or rotary lawn mower, blower and other gardening tools to keep your garden in its best shape.

If, however, you need a new set of equipment, you need to check out our buying guides. You should also go through this article till the end to get our expert advice on how best you can get your yard ready for the coming season. We’ve also recommended some tested tools with which you can do each activity.

The Perfect Lawn Gear

Keep Mowing

Mowing is one of the most crucial tasks you can do in your lawn. During fall, it is vital to mow your lawn frequently, preferably every week until the grass stops to grow. If you have trees that are already shedding leaves in your yard, use your mower’s mulching mode. This mode closes off discharge chutes to allow easy and fine chopping of grass and leaves. It also let leaves decompose on your lawn without killing the new growth that lies beneath. When you leave clippings behind, they pass nutrients to the soil.

Having tested them for their effectiveness, we’ve come up with the following mowers as our top pick. They include and electric models from Black+Decker, Cub Cadet, John Deere, Honda, Ego, Husqvarna, Ryobi, Toro, Craftsman, and Troy-Bilt.

Don’t allow the Leaves Pile Up

Leaves tend to block sunlight and prevent your grass from getting as much as it needs. Even wet leaves can cause disease. This means is that you need to rake your lawn more than ones or twice this fall. Use a leaf blower or even a rake to clear out the leaves if your mower didn’t come with a mulching mode. As this is much easier to clean dry leaves. Therefore, you might want to remove as many as you can when you perceive a storm. Moving mountains of leaves with a good blower are easy on a crisp fall day.

After we’ve tested leaf blowers in batches based on their ability to move dry leaves and loosen leaves stuck in high grass, we recommend Black+Decker, Echo, Ego, Remington, and Ryobi blowers.

Check Your Deck One Last Time

It is important that as you remove your outdoor furniture and your grill, you examine your deck carefully. As you observe it, what you should be trying to make sure of is that the steps, railings, and bannisters are okay. Push on the railings a few times. If they’re alright, they shouldn’t wiggle.

Also, make sure the steps are anchored securely. You also want to examine the nails, bolts, and screws. None should be amiss. Screw bolts with a cordless drill and hammer down nails if need be. Remove all leaves from the structure so as to protect the wood from moisture.

Some cordless drills you can try out include Black+Decker, DeWalt, Hitachi, Kobalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Ridgid, and Ryobi.

Remove Dead Branches

You know how dead branches can really be worrying during a strong storm. They pose a serious risk to your car, house, and your whole property. Therefore, it is always safer to get rid of all dead branches before a storm hits. An electric lopper will do if the trees in your yard are small and the branches are not more than 4 inches in diameter. This is much better than a chain saw which some homeowners consider to be quite scary.

Through our tests, we discovered that a chainsaw should do more than merely tackling 10-inch-square oak beams. The best ones should not only be able to cut through beams in a timely fashion, but they should also be easy to handle and have enough built-in safety features to keep any user from harm.  Echo, Ego, Husqvarna, Remington, Ryobi, and Stihl are some brands worth trying.


Remember this fall that even the little extra thongs you do on your lawn counts. Just use the right tools and follow our advice and you’ll notice remarkable improvements in your lawn.

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How to Empty a Shark Vacuum

Unlike other vacuums which use vacuum bags, shark vacuums come with plastic dustbins to carry dirt and debris. All vacuums need regular cleaning and emptying the dirt bag, or trash, in this case, is one of the vital things to do while cleaning your shark vacuum. It prevents your sweeper from getting clogged or losing suction. It is recommended that you empty the cleaner after each use.

How To Empty Your Shark Vacuum

When should you empty your Shark Vacuum?

Most vacuums have a way of indicating that the canister is full. Usually, this indicator is a line near the top of the vacuum to inform you that the vacuum has reached its maximum acceptable level. However, you do not have to wait for the cleaner to get filled before emptying it. It’s much safer to empty it when it half full. This is because the fuller the dustbin gets, the lesser your vacuum will be able to suck dirt.

How to Empty Different Shark Vacuum Models

We’ll be showing you how to empty different shark vacuum models. However, some processes are vital and typical to emptying all shark vacuums. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Unplug the vacuum from its power source. If it uses batteries, then you need to remove them.

Step 2: Separate the dustbin from the rest of the vacuum.

Step 3: Hold the vacuum’s dustbin over a trash bin. Release the content in the dustbin into the trash bin by pressing the release button.

Step 5: Put the dirt bin back into position.

How to Empty the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

Start emptying this model by sliding the dust cup release tabs to separate the dust cup from the rest of the vacuum. After this, hold the dirt bin over a trash can and release the dirt inside. You can open the dirt cup from the bottom by pressing the lower release tab. If you’d instead open from the top, press the top release button. Rotate the dirt cup downwards and pour the dirt. After this, fix the dirt cup back.

How to Empty a Shark Vacuum – Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Vacuum IF251

The power button of this shark vacuum model is located at the handle. So, make sure to switch it off and remove the batteries before commencing to empty the dirt cup. Use the release button to separate the hand vacuum from the wand. Hold the dust cup over a trash can and pour the dirt out.

How to Empty the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum

Like you already know, you need to start by separating the dirt bin from the vacuum. You can either do this by pressing the dirt cup release tab or by pulling up on the dirt cup release latch located at the top of the dirt cup. Hold the dirt container over a trash can, turn it upside down and tap the release button at the top door. Next, put the container back in position but make sure to close it well first.

How to Empty the Shark APEX DuoClean Vacuum

For this model, the dust cup release button is located near the wand, which also happens to be next to the top of the dirt cup. Once the dirt container is dislodged, you can then empty it by pressing either of the two release tabs. There is a lower release button, and another release button in the upper part. Use the most convenient one for you. Pour the dirt, and fix the dirt container back.

How to Empty the SharkFLEX Vacuum

Remember to unplug the cleaner first. You have two options here. Either remove the dirt cup from the cleaner or separate the hand vacuum from the sweeper’s wand. After doing what is convenient for you, pour the dirt from the dust cup into the trash by pressing the release button. Place the hand vac or dirt cup (depending on which you remove) back in position.


Obviously, emptying your vacuum dirt bin is not a hard task. If you have any challenge finding the release button or latch of the dirt bin of your shark vacuum model, do well to read your manual and follow the directions there. However, the release button is usually located either on the dirt container or close to it. Go ahead and use your sweeper with confidence now that you know how to empty your shark vacuum.

Are Foam Mattresses Good For Lower Back Pain?

If you suffer from certain kind of a pain in your body then you should try your best to obtain the memory foam mattress because they are super effective in overcoming this uncomfortable ailment.

Although people from different corners of the world swear by this mattress because of its properties to ease the pain, they are more popular among certain sectors of the population like obese individuals, senior citizens, people with chronic back pain and athletes.

An advantage that memory foam mattress has over regular mattress is that it is quite tough and is not very sensitive to daily wear and tear. Also, it can support an immensely heavy weight without a problem.

Hence, this 10 inch memory foam mattress full size is the best solution for obese people because they would prove to be very long lasting. As for senior citizens, it would provide them with relief and allow them to have a peaceful night’s sleep even if they are suffering from problems such as joint inflammation or rheumatic joints.

In case you are a victim of back pain then this kind of mattress would be a blessing in disguise for you because it provides strong support to the spine while sleeping. If you suffer from lower back pain then the rule of the thumb is to go for a low-density mattress since this provides adequate cushioning in the areas where your lumbar and hips are situated. In the same way, it will do you good to buy a high-density mattress since it will be able to support the upper part of the torso in case of upper back pain.

Memory Foam Mattress Help Back Pain

memory foam mattress help back pain

A memory foam mattress can also help out those who have insomnia. Even athletes can benefit from such a mattress because bruises, pains, injuries, and aches are a part and parcel of their career and a memory bed would be perfect for helping these conditions heal quickly. The degree of comfort that experienced when lying on this kind of mattress is such that people automatically fall asleep a few moments after they lie down on it and this isn’t an exaggeration.

When you are buying a memory foam mattress for yourself, you can go for customization of the same. However, since this is something that is available with the mattress, you don’t have to go out of your way to avail such a facility. Here, the amount of thickness and the comfort level of the person using the mattress are directly proportional. Therefore the thicker the mattress is, the more comfortable it will be and the minimum thickness should be three inches.

The foam density of the memory foam mattress also affects its quality. There should be at least five pounds of foam in order for a mattress to be termed as a memory mattress. Of course, there is no harm in adding more foam to it because doing so will make the mattress last longer since it will have a heavier density. If you go for a low-density mattress then you won’t be able to use it for a long time.

This kind of mattress is sensitive to temperature, therefore if it is cold then the mattress would harden up and if it is hot then it would become softer. Therefore, keeping this fact in mind, you should shop for a memory foam mattress according to your body size. If you are more on the slim and trim end of the spectrum then go for a high-density mattress, if you are just the opposite then a low-density mattress would be perfect.

Bottom Line

The perfect mattress would be one which supports the backbone well and something that is comfortable to sleep on. By taking small decisions like getting a memory mattress, you will be able to protect your backbone in the long run and do a lot of good to your body.