How to Empty a Shark Vacuum

Unlike other vacuums which use vacuum bags, shark vacuums come with plastic dustbins to carry dirt and debris. All vacuums need regular cleaning and emptying the dirt bag, or trash, in this case, is one of the vital things to do while cleaning your shark vacuum. It prevents your sweeper from getting clogged or losing suction. It is recommended that you empty the cleaner after each use.

How To Empty Your Shark Vacuum

When should you empty your Shark Vacuum?

Most vacuums have a way of indicating that the canister is full. Usually, this indicator is a line near the top of the vacuum to inform you that the vacuum has reached its maximum acceptable level. However, you do not have to wait for the cleaner to get filled before emptying it. It’s much safer to empty it when it half full. This is because the fuller the dustbin gets, the lesser your vacuum will be able to suck dirt.

How to Empty Different Shark Vacuum Models

We’ll be showing you how to empty different shark vacuum models. However, some processes are vital and typical to emptying all shark vacuums. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Unplug the vacuum from its power source. If it uses batteries, then you need to remove them.

Step 2: Separate the dustbin from the rest of the vacuum.

Step 3: Hold the vacuum’s dustbin over a trash bin. Release the content in the dustbin into the trash bin by pressing the release button.

Step 5: Put the dirt bin back into position.

How to Empty the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

Start emptying this model by sliding the dust cup release tabs to separate the dust cup from the rest of the vacuum. After this, hold the dirt bin over a trash can and release the dirt inside. You can open the dirt cup from the bottom by pressing the lower release tab. If you’d instead open from the top, press the top release button. Rotate the dirt cup downwards and pour the dirt. After this, fix the dirt cup back.

How to Empty a Shark Vacuum – Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Vacuum IF251

The power button of this shark vacuum model is located at the handle. So, make sure to switch it off and remove the batteries before commencing to empty the dirt cup. Use the release button to separate the hand vacuum from the wand. Hold the dust cup over a trash can and pour the dirt out.

How to Empty the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Vacuum

Like you already know, you need to start by separating the dirt bin from the vacuum. You can either do this by pressing the dirt cup release tab or by pulling up on the dirt cup release latch located at the top of the dirt cup. Hold the dirt container over a trash can, turn it upside down and tap the release button at the top door. Next, put the container back in position but make sure to close it well first.

How to Empty the Shark APEX DuoClean Vacuum

For this model, the dust cup release button is located near the wand, which also happens to be next to the top of the dirt cup. Once the dirt container is dislodged, you can then empty it by pressing either of the two release tabs. There is a lower release button, and another release button in the upper part. Use the most convenient one for you. Pour the dirt, and fix the dirt container back.

How to Empty the SharkFLEX Vacuum

Remember to unplug the cleaner first. You have two options here. Either remove the dirt cup from the cleaner or separate the hand vacuum from the sweeper’s wand. After doing what is convenient for you, pour the dirt from the dust cup into the trash by pressing the release button. Place the hand vac or dirt cup (depending on which you remove) back in position.


Obviously, emptying your vacuum dirt bin is not a hard task. If you have any challenge finding the release button or latch of the dirt bin of your shark vacuum model, do well to read your manual and follow the directions there. However, the release button is usually located either on the dirt container or close to it. Go ahead and use your sweeper with confidence now that you know how to empty your shark vacuum.

Are Foam Mattresses Good For Lower Back Pain?

If you suffer from certain kind of a pain in your body then you should try your best to obtain the memory foam mattress because they are super effective in overcoming this uncomfortable ailment.

Although people from different corners of the world swear by this mattress because of its properties to ease the pain, they are more popular among certain sectors of the population like obese individuals, senior citizens, people with chronic back pain and athletes.

An advantage that memory foam mattress has over regular mattress is that it is quite tough and is not very sensitive to daily wear and tear. Also, it can support an immensely heavy weight without a problem.

Hence, this 10 inch memory foam mattress full size is the best solution for obese people because they would prove to be very long lasting. As for senior citizens, it would provide them with relief and allow them to have a peaceful night’s sleep even if they are suffering from problems such as joint inflammation or rheumatic joints.

In case you are a victim of back pain then this kind of mattress would be a blessing in disguise for you because it provides strong support to the spine while sleeping. If you suffer from lower back pain then the rule of the thumb is to go for a low-density mattress since this provides adequate cushioning in the areas where your lumbar and hips are situated. In the same way, it will do you good to buy a high-density mattress since it will be able to support the upper part of the torso in case of upper back pain.

Memory Foam Mattress Help Back Pain

memory foam mattress help back pain

A memory foam mattress can also help out those who have insomnia. Even athletes can benefit from such a mattress because bruises, pains, injuries, and aches are a part and parcel of their career and a memory bed would be perfect for helping these conditions heal quickly. The degree of comfort that experienced when lying on this kind of mattress is such that people automatically fall asleep a few moments after they lie down on it and this isn’t an exaggeration.

When you are buying a memory foam mattress for yourself, you can go for customization of the same. However, since this is something that is available with the mattress, you don’t have to go out of your way to avail such a facility. Here, the amount of thickness and the comfort level of the person using the mattress are directly proportional. Therefore the thicker the mattress is, the more comfortable it will be and the minimum thickness should be three inches.

The foam density of the memory foam mattress also affects its quality. There should be at least five pounds of foam in order for a mattress to be termed as a memory mattress. Of course, there is no harm in adding more foam to it because doing so will make the mattress last longer since it will have a heavier density. If you go for a low-density mattress then you won’t be able to use it for a long time.

This kind of mattress is sensitive to temperature, therefore if it is cold then the mattress would harden up and if it is hot then it would become softer. Therefore, keeping this fact in mind, you should shop for a memory foam mattress according to your body size. If you are more on the slim and trim end of the spectrum then go for a high-density mattress, if you are just the opposite then a low-density mattress would be perfect.

Bottom Line

The perfect mattress would be one which supports the backbone well and something that is comfortable to sleep on. By taking small decisions like getting a memory mattress, you will be able to protect your backbone in the long run and do a lot of good to your body.